The 2019 10U Stafford Team

  1. #24 Sophie Snow
    Favorite Food - Pepperoni Pizza
  2. #23 Kayleigh Harris
    Favorite Food - Cheeseburger
  3. #35 Savannah Harlow
    Favorite Food - Taco's and Nachos
  4. #17 Marley Clayton
    Favorite Food - Chick-Fil-A Nuggets
  5. #12 Lucy Cochran
    Favorite Food - Chicken Strips
  6. #13 Addie Ryan
    Favorite Food - Seafood
  7. #11 Mollie McGee
    Favorite Food - Chicken Alfredo
  8. #00 Grady Wilson
    Favorite Food - Steak
  9. #28 Caroline S.
    Favorite Food - Chips and Dip
  10. #15 Lexie McBrayer
    Favorite Food - Mexican
  11. #08 Brooklyn Berry
    Favorite Food - Filet Mingon

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